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Please do not ask for immediate action or feedback, this wont happen. Main job drop to other players cuz alts cant do anything. Do you think they're doing it because they're afraid to lose, or that it's just another venue to grind resources? Not a single decent player in solo arena. Keep the bloody things separate for once.

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Galeas would you so kind to provide your input on this thread? Also the removal of the group searching feature available only in front of instances hurt the pvp badly. Hold on, so why is it this is about people being too serious about winning or losing? That's just the logical extension of this mentality that the game plays itself. Group instances offer a chance at better gear than the campaign quest equivalents, but are hardly run due to the fast leveling speed and the length of these instances.

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Now, please know that I am not trying to endorse or promote exploiting something that we are forbidden to do, as stated as a rule. People's choices are there own, I have no intent to demean others for them. Same goes for any other cross-server PvP instances, not just the arenas, dating site mysore but the group instances such as Runatorium of Jormugand's Marching Route.

Matchmaking & Servers Are Stabilized for a Zero Queue

Who need that players in team? It would thus take an eternity for players at the bottom or top of the ladder to find a queue. There is usually one pvp engagement at the end to determine who is going to kill Ashunatal. But not all the time - they have those own premade groups etc.

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Matchmaking & Servers Are Stabilized for a Zero Queue

At least interchange Runatorium daily availability with this instance. For not satisfied players u can make double more enters. Each solo instance will be visited at least once during the relevant campaign quest, but can be freely ran afterwards as long as you have remaining entries. Board index View Character Print view. There is a lot of things I can do irl.

The mass is more diluted around the fortress as everybody is avoiding direct confrontation resulting in a powerpoint slideshow. The last sentence doesn't make any sense. The group instances come in pairs, with each of the two awarding the particular pieces of a gear set. And since you can tank your rank by using.

Let's make game more fun, let's make game more competitive! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Get caught up on the health of the online gaming industry here! Few in specific known as Zealous, Neko, booger, but its been very long I barely remember. This ensures that Templars are balanced out across teams and matches where one team has a Templar and the other doesn't are less frequent.

All-new Battleground Matchmaking Check out what's going on. Additionally, I remember having read something about the introduction of an arena matchmaking system some years ago. Machmaker-supported instnaces The PvP instances that are now supported by matchmaking are as followed. Second part - teamplay and knowelege about inst.

  1. Hi how do i install this game im a noob xD.
  2. It's a community-generated problem, and it's on the community to solve it or leave it be.
  3. One can dream for better balance.
  4. Concerning keberiums and manastones things are doing better with the arrival of Pandora rifts and the possibility to either get legendary or ultimate keberium with the weekly quests.
  5. But then again, I was always proud Asmodian.

Nothing meaningful though. See the world from the sky as you fly over mountains and through clouds. Matches where one team has a support and the other s doesn't are ranked the lowest. Its not dream or something.

Using or not using exploits is a matter of ruling first and personal preference second, and clearly is determined by how seriously you insert your honour into a game. It's my fault for being lazy and not searching or forming a group. Some of these instances may return in later updates, questions as has been the case in previous expansions.

Ganking people in lakrum gear, is that what you call pvp? The game has not died yet. Full support teams are also ranked the lowest.

BioWare Will Not Use the Recently-Patented EA Matchmaking Algorithm

You can roam in Lakrum and simply pvp or try to do you daily garnison quests. Most veteran players know that if you join quick queue that is some instance doomed to fail or plain afk. How on Earth are they going to monitor and ban for arena fixing when they don't even know how to find their own asses with both hands? As some of us end-game geared people get discomfort from the lack of pvp incentives. The winners were already going to be getting them from the rankings anyways.

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What about players that play from work. If there is large rating difference within a team, this drags the ranking down, as well as large differences between the teams. The great thing about the system is that new criteria can always be added quite easily in case something needs to be accounted for.

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Add them to your own block lists and share those around. Similiar elements to Gunbound but better. There is a limit on maximum number of players that can enter each instance. Afk players its another story.

  • It builds on a matchmaking algorithm that I developed last year which is completely different from what we've previously used.
  • However, it creates bad incentives if matchmaking depends on something that is easily manipulated.
  • It's why I put zero faith in those rankings.
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An efficient way to thus do multiple runs of the same instance is to have everyone quit the party at the end, and then remake it. We potentially found what the issue was last week. Ashunatal dredgion is a pve race for lootbags on bosses and surkanas for points. Anyway Gameforge should investigate this. Now let us say you are quite satisfied with your gear, 3 months dating valentine what can you do with it?

Most people have gear and are stuck in a place cuse they cant progress with upgrading they re gear. Do you really expect that queuing against your own alt is legitimate? Players are running like headless chickens to the next boss hoping to have loots. These are sworn enemy races, having been at war with each other for ages. It is getting better though as players are more focused on killing npcs in the fortress in order to get honor points for their abyssal ranking.

Arena of Harmony

Cuz they know better what they can do and what they cant. Supports - a match where all teams have the same number of supports are ranked the highest. Anyway, it's great with constructive feedback and if you have any other ideas don't hesitate to share them. Most instances are available to anyone who meets the minimum level requirement, but certain endgame instances will also require the player to be adequately geared and be familiar with the mechanics.

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We should have a confirmation this week if we can reactivate it or not, it should help a lot. Campaign Quest, Ancient Weapons. This, techcrunch at the end of the day is all that matters.

State of the game

Aion Key Features

Leveling instances are bascially tutorials, and will gradually acquaint players with Aion's instancing system. Unlike in various other games, Aion has a limit on the amount of times each instance can be entered within a set time period usually a week. As explained many times, Galeas is our voice and he daily reports to the Aion team all our needs and expectations.

Queue Into Your Alts - General Discussion - Aion Online

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