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At orientation, she watches an a cappella performance by the Treblemakers, now led by Beca's boyfriend Jesse Swanson Skylar Astin. So if I ever do karaoke I have to have a couple of drinks and I have to do something that does not require a lot of vocal ability like a rap like the Beastie Boys or Dr. In order to regain harmony and sync, Chloe takes them to a retreat led by former leader Aubrey Posen Anna Camp.

Shelley Regner as Ashley, a senior Bella. Her mother was also a Barden Bella, giving her the legacy status. However, the group becomes involved in a national scandal, dubbed Muffgate, when Fat Amy Hobart Rebel Wilson accidentally rips her pants in front of U. Not a lot of people know that so she was there every single day.

So if I ever do karaoke

Skylar Astin Photos, News, and Videos

The Bellas win the championship and repair their damaged legacy. Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale, the three-time super senior with a Type A personality who is the co-leader of the Bellas. Beca makes a deal to allow the Bellas to be reinstated should they win the World Championship of a cappella.

She is funny and I think there is a reason why she is very successful because she is very ambitious. Kelley Jakle as Jessica, a senior Bella. Alexis Knapp as Stacie Conrad, a senior Bella known for being overly sexual. Additionally, Beca has started an internship at a recording studio, Residual Heat, something only Jesse knows. The senior Bellas graduate and they all head off to Copenhagen for the World Finals, with Jesse and Benji to cheer them on.

She is an aspiring record producer and is now an intern at Residual Heat, a record label. Skylar even revealed which pop star he would love to have join the cast. Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Junk, a freshman legacy Bella who is an aspiring songwriter, and Benji's love interest.

At orientation she watches anShe is funny and IIn order to regain harmony and