Antique mirror dating, d30 double sided mirror in concrete 100 handmade in italy

Brief History of Antique Mirrors

Hopefully they can provide the information you're looking for. Older glass may even be a bit wavy. However, there are a number of free appraisal sites.

If you find these hand finished screws in furniture, investigate other aspects of the pieces to see if they match the screws in age. Frames could be ornately carved in wood or made of ivory, silver, or tortoiseshell. Information on Antique Federal Convex Mirrors. Apparently the company still makes mirrors.

No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. These same qualities also apply to hand mirrors. This is a beautiful large silver gilded mirror with original glass plate.

Where to Start
Antique mirrors

InstaAppraisal This is a free site where you can submit your item and questions and will answered by the community non experts or the site's antiques experts. Dawn Sutton began her writing career in with an article on Internet counseling for a psychology journal. If it's a wall mirror, note the thickness at the top, middle and bottom.

D30 Double Sided Mirror in Concrete 100 Handmade in Italy

How to Date When a Mirror Was Made
How to Determine the Value of an Old Mirror

How to Identify Antique Mirrors

If your city or town is large enough, there should be antique appraisers locally available. You can look for an antiques appraiser in your area or contact an online expert. Newark Antiques and Interiors Ltd. Can anyone help me identify this mirror? Holland, you never know if the mirror has any worth.

How to Date When a Mirror Was Made

How to Determine the Age of Antique Furniture

Antique Mirrors Categories

The ornately carved mirror hangs above the fireplace silently guarding it secrets. But knowing the history of antique mirrors can be helpful in dating your antique mirrors or at least dating the mirrors you are considering for purchase. They made smaller, ornate, metal mirrors and picture frames some dating back to the s.

Beautiful Large French Gilt Mirror. The age and hallmark will also affect the value. There are quite a few out there and some are free. Corroborate your findings by consulting multiple online antique and auction sites.

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The handle is a tail loop. Can you circa date solely on the type of wood used? Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them. Fermin LeBlanc, hon crash matchmaking I saw a pair on eBay.

  1. Appraisers charge flat fees or hourly rates, which can set you back several hundred dollars based on the amount of information requested.
  2. The mirrors from France differ from those of England, and also Italy.
  3. Old mercury mirrors age to create a somewhat sparkly effect.
  4. Glass color is another indicator of age.
  5. The mirror has been hanging in my living room ever since.
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The mirror wrapped with elaborate plaster carving that is gold like in color but not shiny. Take them to an antique dealer to get their opinion or do an online search for a similar set. This mirror is guaranteed to be genuine electro copper plated. As discussed above, this is especially evident on the back or underside of pieces made prior to the mids.

Mary, I did some online research and that age of mirror can be cut with a glass cutter. If your item is chosen, they will give you a detailed appraisal that will be featured in the magazine and on the website. Obviously, it depends on its age, size, shape and the frame material. Good luck with your investigation!

The frame is cherry wood and in good condition. It is dark with golden color center shell carved in with scroll on each side. Try to upload a photo of it to an online appraisal site. Those numbers are for identification.

Antique Mirrors

The presence of brass hardware at all also tells a tale. Old frame materials include solid wood, wood veneer, plaster composition or metal. The company was founded in so the mirror isn't very old but it could be valuable.

You might be able to get someone to provide details and valuation. If the mottled patches on your mirror look too uniform, it may be a reproduction mirror plate. Have inherited a house full of period items.

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Although not entirely common, seek a maker's tag or mark on the back of the mirror or frame, as this helps pinpoint the mirror's age. By employing a combination of physical inspection, research and expert advice, you can uncover its past and find out just how much your old mirror is worth. They were moving and the old mirror would not fit in their new house. It could be an antique if it is at least years old. There are some really talented people out there whose sole purpose is to fool us into thinking we own a valuable an antique mirror, when in fact it is a artfully crafted reproduction.

  • The glass is often an indicator of a mirror's age.
  • Daniel Wilson, well it seems this mirror may be worth a great deal.
  • However, I'm not an expert so it would be best to take photos and show them to a local antiques dealer or go online to an appraisal site and share the images.
Antique Mirrors

There were so many small furniture comppanies and with no other markings, I was unable to find any information for you. It has three frames around it. Look for scratches that seem they've been there for a long time as well, dating as they may indicate a true antique.

Give them all the details about your mirror such as a maker's mark, inscribed date, condition, type of wood, etc. You might want to take a photo and show it to an antique shop or upload it to online appraisal site. Kochtitzky and it manufactured case goods including bedroom furniture, executive office furniture, pie safes and various cabinets. They can even make rooms look larger through the reflections.

Tips for Dating Old Pieces Made in America

Research Online Antique Sites Check reputable online antique sites for similar mirrors. This results in dark or blotchy spots visible through the glass when looking at the front of the mirror. Then a mirror was nothing more than a round piece of metal that was slightly convex and polished to reflect light. And the best thing about these is they are quite inexpensive.

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