Ben lewis and anna o byrne dating sim

Ben lewis and anna o byrne dating sim

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To say the least - the camera is very up-close and personal in this filming. That song has such a strong melody.

Yeah, that was my first job out of college. Well, we started with Ben and we did every audition I did together. You know, it comes at a big point in the show - I've got everything kind of leading up to that moment for me as Christine. It's an amazing feeling to sing these songs with an orchestra like that.

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Yeah, I mean, obviously, Andrew had seen it all come to life once before, in London. Essentially, I have approached singing the score in a kind of really legitimate way and what I love about that is that I really get to use every color I can think of vocally throughout the show.

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It's just come out really, really well and is a true tribute to everyone who has worked on it. Everything just looks fantastic. Actually, my last audition was a day of workshopping the material with what turned out to be basically the entire cast of principals - and, that was amazing.

It really flows like a film. That's great to hear, Pat, because I feel the same way. It's just so exciting that their audiences are growing and growing and growing because of these shows. It wasn't until the most recent Australian production that I actually saw it again, which was with Anthony Warlow and with Anna.

You know, we get all the shows secondhand, often - created in New York or created in London. One of the early versions of it, I think.

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Seeing him work and getting to work with him, you realize he is a fantastic actor. All of our scene changes revolve on, basically, which involves people putting bits of cloth and props and things behind curtains that revolve on for the next scene. You wanted to start fresh.

That's great to hear Pat because