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In the same way, he absorbs the power of many of the residents of Pataliputra. Kirmada then requests the devil to give him more strength. Kirmada then enters the body of a saint residing in Pataliputra and absorbs the power of the king of Pataliputra, converting him into a zombie in the process.

The powers he had absorbed get released, and the people return to their normal form. It also supports new formats which recently Youtube rolled out.

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Bheem, thinking that Krishna is only joking, pays no heed to him. The next day, Krishna is shown teasing to Bheem that he is about to leave.

But the peacock feather dear to Krishna is blowing in the wind. Bheem and his friends team up with Krishna to quell the disaster. However, when he looks back, Krishna is gone.

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His sister brings him back using her magic, but is unable to restore any power in him. After a hard fight, Bheem strikes Kirmada with his axe and destroys him. They run after the feather as the film comes to a close.