Insane Clown Posse - Boogie Woogie Wu Lyrics

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Insane Clown Posse - Boogie Woogie Wu Lyrics

Happy j the clown has aFuck it yo Dead

You didn't The boogie man was a clown, but when you see the juggla, you holding your jugular. The satisfaction of slaughter will cause it to return to the darkness from which it came.

It's about, the E woogie man, keep your light on as long as you can, cuz when it cuts off, so does your head, boogie woogie woogie waits under your bed with a shank, splahh, up through the bottom. With a swing, chop, stab, swing, chop, you holding your neck together, but your nuts drop. Through the hideous darkness, it lurches. The ravenous, blood-sick creature, searches for it's sacrifice. Yes, you fall asleep and wake up dead with a broken broom sticking out your forehead.

Ll moonlight fills the room

Ll, moonlight fills the room that you sleep in, things go bump in the night, me creeping. Happy j the clown has a nursery rhyme. Fuck it, yo Dead anyway, and I'm gonna le Ave your head smack dead in the hallway. If you just quit leaving your shit all over the fucking floor. The worlds famous boogie woogie wu will come to you, slumber parties, sleep overs, intimate nights, what e He ocassion by the midnight hour.