Bouchercon author speed dating, dale t. phillips rounded corner having a blast at bouchercon 17

Bouchercon author speed dating - Com the sponser of this site. My one experience with Bouchercon was in Raleigh. As I mentioned in my Bouchercon debrief yesterday, until last Saturday I underestimated how useful those bookmarks are.

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Wow this author speed dating sounds so much fun. In the beginning I just wanting the freedom to without using online dating or clubs. Working with introverted people and those who are experiencing dating anxiety is my specialty and many of my past clients progressed to weekly dates and happy relationships.

Bouchercon author speed dating

Mulholland Books at Bouchercon 2017

Have a wonderful time, everyone! Unless they're M'Eiryn, then they might be dragons, too. Looking out of my hotel room to Lake Erie.

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Each author brought give-aways. For one thing, it was my first time attending as the author of a published book. Usually it starts with me doing a number of bouchercon author speed dating approaches so guys can see it being done.


The other time was at the North Carolina one where I stayed with a friend who lived near there. We tracked down that person who graciously re-folded it for him. Then I ran into my friends and spent the rest of the evening in the lobby hanging with my friends. That would be very impressive.

  • If the pen is a nice pen one writers, who I think are probably all pen snobs, would use would you keep or chuck?
  • The Anthony Award nominations for have been announced on the Toronto Bouchercon website.
  • While at the hotel, I get a message from my New York friend, Judi, telling me she is also in Toronto and we agreed to meet up for a few minutes in the hotel lobby.

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Last summer, my friend's novel was launched. So I guess a bottle of my home-made Damson Gin is out, then. Yes, my eyes were on going up that arch but when I got there and saw what I would have to sit in, how to the joy was just standing under the arch. This summer I was flying home out of Tel Aviv. May it take you wonderful places.

Um, regarding swag, bookmarks are awesome. If I'm writing a story or vignette of my character, or having a conversation in Hangouts or whatever, jewish the voice is loud and clear to me. Fall in Florida - when it's almost too cold for shorts but you can't remember what you did with your long pants.

Dru s book musings

To say I had a blast with the marketing is an understatement. The area offers rolling green hills and vineyards, charming villages and rugged cliffs, stretching above the sea. Susan mentioned mugs and magnets. The sightseeing was amazing. Together we can come to a right answer.

Mulholland Books at Bouchercon

Adding this to my marketing to-do list for future novels. It was very gamey but good as I ate all of it while left the regular sausage on my plate. As I wear glasses these also get used all the time. Diane Vallere, President, dating direct mobile Sisters in Crime.


  1. For another, it was Long Beach.
  2. But in her case, I'm so pleased she is continuing the wonderful characters and settings her father created.
  3. And, since our entire audiences are made up of readers of some sort, a bookmark is probably a safe bet.

One minute later, she asks if I have another picture id. Are you going to Bouchercon? This is the second B'con I have had to cancel for medical reasons - Raliegh was the first. Gingell here - thank you ever so much for these fantastic thoughts on swag!

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Yep, those ghosts know how to find me. Have a great time, Annette! Even sharpened pencils become useless after awhile. Com the sponser of this site. Clever because I hate my nails clacking on the keyboard so handy to have.

What perfect swag for cookbooks or for any subject or story related to food. Here I am with my fabulous editor Terri Bischoff. After that foray into fantasy land, I figured I better decide what I was taking to blue pencil. Blog catagories Body Mind Spirit Writing.

So, I missed the joke about microwave popcorn, but I would have guffawed at as I did later. Julie - that's fantastic news on the passport front! Spesh, I would keep pens if they were ones I could get refills for. Interesting note was the fire alarm had a nice melody as it rang throughout the evening. Enroute, I got to experience small town Long Beach and its colorful buildings.

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Recognize the first draft for many people is less than stellar, but at least you have the bones of the story. The next day we walked to the Aquarium only to find it closed. With Frankie Bailey and grant-winner Maria Kelson.

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Royal Ontario Museum merging the old with the new. Thursday was the first official day of the convention and my panel was at noon. The Library Room where the tea was held was picture perfect, although one of the picture on the wall was slight skewed. Now that I'm home, I'm incredibly inspired to finish writing my latest mystery. But, like I said, they're pretty much ignored, the way a barcode would be.

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Dale T. Phillips Rounded Corner Having a Blast at Bouchercon 17

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