Burning Room

The pace in this novel was fast, with full on action all the way. It almost read like a newspaper account in some places.

The Burning Room

Bosch has to work hard to restrain her eager beaver efforts to succeed and make sure this will not become another partner he loses to the dangers of a mistake. There is nothing even remotely resembling a spark of creativity in the words.

Connelly, for sharing your gift with us. He explained so many things about police procedure that are too obvious to ordinary people.

Susan Kirk I have read all the Bosch series and really liked them. At the autopsy it is discovered that this was no mistaken, random shooting but a very professional execution. All Harry and Lucia need to do is find the killer. The case has great personal relevance for Soto, and Harry has to decide whether to shut down her efforts or assist her in attempting to solve this case as well.

The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The book starts slow and lacks the intensity of the previous ones in the series.

Connelly implies via Bosch that the police have gotten more lazy as more sophisticated methods have come into play via forensic science. It's hard to believe that we started with The Black Echo, so long ago now.

The Burning Room - Novels

Turns out it came from a rifle, giving Harry and Lucy new lines of investigation. But hey, we have another potential love interest in this one who I felt blah about. And again an Italian cruise ship is in trouble, this time the captain stayed aboard long enough. Not knowing where to start back into the series, I decided to jump into when he is about to retire. Based on the last few books, you get the sense that Bosch believes he is the only one that cares about a murderer being brought to justice.

The Burning Room

Turns out it came from a rifle, giving Harry and Lucy new lines Harry Bosch and his current partner, new murder detective Lucy Soto, work cold cases for the Los Angeles Police Department. It felt like Connelly wanted to re-explain everything to a new reader who had never read a Bosch book before. As always seems to be the case with mysteries, you keep waiting to see when they will intersect.

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Procedurals are hard enough to follow but without immediate scenes and heavily laden with data and specifics dragged on, not the Connelly tale I used to love. Perhaps we will hear more about this from Soto in future. He looked down at his desk, at the photos of all the victims under the glass top. Soto is a great addition to the cast and is one of the most interesting people with whom Bosch has ever been partnered.

Quotes from The Burning Room. In the middle of The Burning Room and the writing seems very dry. The Burning Room Hardcover edition.

The Burning Room (2014)

There are two different cold cases that Bosch and his new partner Soto are trying to solve. This article about a crime novel of the s is a stub. Connelly continues his masterful spinning the Bosch tales with another wonderful story. He connects the shooting of a mariachi band player to the Bonnie Brae fire that his new partner survived. There is no real development with Soto beyond why she's interested in one case.

He's very detail oriented. For pages I didn't suspect anyone. Analysis of street camera footage with modern high tech suggests a fellow musician on the stage that night might have expected the attack, but this man has disappeared. If the book had focused on resentment from Bosch or others towards Lucia it would have been a better book.

The Burning Room

Wow, am I thankful I started reading Harry Bosch again. We have Bosch investigating two cases not related and he stupidly gets in trouble for something that was not necessary at all except that I think Connelly wanted it that way. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

This one was sadly in need of editing. Harry is expected to train Luica. Often, european war 3 apk good pace was suddenly brought to a halt so that he could describe a specific setting or scene for a whole page. The empty place where the fire always burns. This one just isn't like the others.

Would all their hard work pay off? This one is well told mystery, if nothing special.

Titus Welliver What other author continues to write excellent stories about a major protagonist so well and so consistently? If you want to read about how Bosch looks on in horror at something, enjoy. They trace it back to a sniper who might have mistakenly focussed on the wrong target, leading to a larger fallout and more blood spilled. They take on a case of a Latino musician apparently shot by a stray bullet ten years before during a mariachi concert and whose recent death from complications makes it a homicide.

Ten years ago a musician was shot, by mistake or so it was thought at the time. When a political heavyweight's name comes up during the investigation, Bosch and Soto begin pressing harder to fit the pieces together, all while trying to keep things on the down low. So when a man succumbs to complications from being shot by a stray bullet nine years earlier, Bosch catches a case in which the body is still fresh, but any other evidence is virtually nonexistent.

Detective Harry Bosch was watching the autopsy of a man who had just died from complications following a gunshot wound he had received ten years previously. What looked like a cold case gang-related shooting turns into something much more. It feels like background detail to a sub-plot rather than the main for a page book!