City swoon dating

City swoon dating

Cityswoon uses the profile attributes and the feedback from previous meetings to match you to other attendees at the event for each date-round. Our friendly hosts are there to make certain the night goes perfectly. After this people often have a drink with the other people at the event. Making speed dating mobile means that you get to meet new people in the best settings possible. The date suggestions encourage meeting face-to-face as that is where we think the sparks fly.

Easy - just send your date a quick message letting them know that you want to rearrange it. For a monthly subscription, you can become a paid member.

We'll send you more information leading up to your event and contact information of the other daters after the event. Finding the potential of a great relationship has never been easier or more natural than the experience of a top CitySwoon event.

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That scenario was orchestrated for the grand opening of CitySwoon, an Australian company that aims to revolutionize speed dating. Using his background in finance, Brett organized and publicized the company while Louise developed a complex matchmaking software that pairs couples in real time.

After an event finishes up, we find that most people stick around. You may not be able to amend your gender. You can view profiles and with a full membership, you can message each other to arrange to meet up. We also take pride in having closely balanced gender numbers. The algorithm uses your entire profile including your educational background, political beliefs, religion, height, age etc.

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You can contact your dates on CitySwoon in the messages section. You will be matched based on your profile. It's a really fun way of meeting lots of single people in a more natural, open environment.

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Find each other, have a chat and move on when the next date pings on your smartphone. You agreed to the date because you gave the benefit of the doubt to fate, you don't really know anything about how you'll get on in person. It creates a nice social environment.

The company aims to disrupt the idea that singles at speed dating events must talk to everyone. The algorithm also uses feedback that you have given from any previous CitySwoon dates. Next for CitySwoon is a focus on more global disruption of the speed dating scene. The Internet has its limits.

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This format, combined with our atmospheric venues, creates a really fun and friendly environment. No one wants to come back and talk to the same people again.

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You don't have to stick to the date that is on the system, that's just there as a suggestion. Buy a ticket and turn up to the event, at the start time. There is nothing else like this in the world.

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