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Audio input microphone and output speaker or headphone levels may be set when a call is in progress. Then, click on the camera icon to display a real-time local feed from your video device. The best approach is to put your preferred codecs at the top of the list, and to disable the codecs that you don't want to use for sending and receiving video. You can also place a cell phone call to users in the local address book, if the user information was originally entered using Novell Evolution.

You will now see the appropriate section. This is sometimes useful, as shown in the following. The extended stream window appears when a frame of the extended video is processed, and it is hidden when the communication ends. You need a microphone audio input into your computer. Chat messages are not stored on any server, so in order for chat to work your partner must be connected when chatting.

If the test was successful, you can continue to the next page of this manual. In this case, when a call arrives, you have to manually open the call window and accept or reject the call from there. By speaking into your mic, you should hear your voice repeated back to you after a short delay.

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If you want to create such an account and use it to call your friends and family using regular phones at interesting rates, go in the Edit menu, and select Configuration Assistant menu item. Configuration of Ekiga is now complete. Placed calls keeps track of all attempts - successful or not - to call another user. Some systems have broken notifications, for example they do not show the whole text in case of long text, or they inform that they support notifications but they do not.

The audio Ringing Device allowing you to hear a ringtone for incoming calls is usually set to the internal sound card, under the name Default. Then press Forward to continue. You can easily add a contact to your local roster from the Ekiga. The chat window will appear and allow you to perform a text conversation with the selected remote user. To sump up, Ekiga uses a buffer for incoming packets jitter buffer with dynamic size.

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Free and open-source software portal. The audio ringing device allowing you to hear a ringtone for incoming calls is usually set to the internal sound card, under the name Default. Echo cancellation will only work if you use the same sound device for in and out audio, e.


Ekiga supports several audio and video codecs. For that, if Ekiga shows a dialog box about that on startup and you have access to your router configuration, you may try the following. Ekiga will ring when people will call that phone number. If there is too much packets loss, samsung sgh j700 pc suite the delay required to have received all packets could be so important that it will exceed the jitter buffer.

Default is a good choice for your internal sound card. This can work for audio traffic, but for the much higher bandwidth consuming video traffic this is overkill.

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To search for a user in the local address book, simply click to highlight it in the left hand pane, then enter the user's name in the Search Filter field and click the Find button. The assistant will close, and the main window of Ekiga will now appear. Ekiga supports several actions which can be performed when in a call.

Those providers will allow calling real phones from your computer using Ekiga at interesting rates. This setting will help Ekiga select the optimal codecs to suit your available bandwidth. Work when you are at work. You might also be interested by free fun numbers. Contacts can also be added from a contextual menu by right-clicking in the roster, and selecting New contact.

It is generally recommended that you test your setup after having completed the Configuration Assistant. We do not think using closed protocols for communications is a good thing. Feel free to contact us to report a bug or make a suggestion regarding the application or this manual.

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You can also open the chat window from a contextual menu by right-clicking on the user in your roster, and selecting Message. Fast Connect is a new method of call setup that bypasses some usual steps in order to make it faster.

In this mode everything you say will be repeated back to you just as soon as is it received. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ekiga. It allows for the monitoring of contacts and viewing call history along with an addressbook, dialpad, and chat window. The limitation is that only the choosen machine can engage in voip calls. The audio devices page of the assistant is not really useful, since by default Ekiga selects the right device.

You can compare it to an email address. These audio devices will then be listed here, allowing you to select them for your calls.