Fekra jdidating18666

Fekra jdidating18666

Jefa direct drive unit type I

Jefa has developed a unique and patented engagement clutch. When the clutch isn't powered, it's disengaged and engaged when powered. The electric motor, the two step spur gearbox, the planetary gearbox, the electro-magnetic clutch and the final spur reduction gearbox.

Less friction to back drive the unit. This performance table shows the relation between the consumed power and the output power. The Jefa direct drive type I uses a combination of a planetary gearbox and spur gear sets one small gear and one big gear.

This is achieved with the electro-magnetic clutch and controlled automatically by the autopilot junction box. The Jefa direct drive has multiple advantages over existing integrated drive units. Now the Jefa autopilot drive is integrated into the system. On the moment the mechanical steering system on the yacht is manually operated, the autopilot drive has to be disconnected from the steering system.

Also visible is the strength of the drive unit related to man power. The above assembly drawing shows a cross section of the direct drive type I. This illustration shows the minimal components for a working autopilot configuration. Following table shows the maximum rudder torques at midships and full rudder that can be generated by the Jefa Kgm direct drive in combination with various autopilot junction boxes. This is a great help to specify a tiller arm.

The connection of the Jefa autopilot drive to the autopilot junction box is quite simple. Some autopilot drive producers use a worm reduction box, but the efficiency is extremely low as the gears rub each other. The clutch doesn't wear in time.

This is achieved

To simplify the specification of the direct drive, we developed a specification form. Jefa autopilot drives work together with all mayor autopilot electronics.

The highest possible efficiency compared to any other gearbox. The above table shows that the Jefa direct drive type I will steer the yacht even in the worst possible conditions. This will make sure that when the autopilot user engages the autopilot on the control screen, the clutch will engage and allow the autopilot motor to drive the rudder.

Nevertheless, the device shall be used in such a manner that the potential for human contact during normal operation is minimized. Compact main dimensions compared to achievable output. The solution is based on two electrically operated spring loaded clutch pins that engage and disengage the outer gear ring of the planetary gear step. Aluminium motor housing in stead of sheet steel plate to avoid corrosion.

This saves a considerable amount of installation time as no fundament has to be made for this feedback unit. This product and any attached external antenna, if supported, shall be placed in such a manner to minimize the potential for human contact during normal operation.

More compact than any friction clutch. This bracket can be mounted in any direction on the main outgoing housing of the drive to accommodate the rudder feedback unit. Print speeds vary according to the complexity of the document.