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Where the show does excel is with its antagonists. However, I was constantly frustrated by the show's apparent lack of respect for its viewers and by its absolutely abysmal humor. Mustang had to kill lots of people. First of all, the exposition is handled extremely poorly.

It's basic emotional manipulation

May fawning comically over Ed. For starters, the writing is often clunky and awkward, but that's not the main issue. The art was oftentimes orgasmic. The same gags, over and over again, barely even rehashed in any original way. Brotherhood bajar toda la temporada por torrent.

The plot isThere's a difference

There's no need to pile more grief on Scar, so he's relatively safe. The world that it creates is an immersive, full-feeling thing with many animate pieces that move even when you aren't looking at them. Never once does the story contradict its own rules, instead using them in creative ways to build off of each other. Scar watched everyone he loved get killed, and then had to kill lots of people.

Personally, it made me extremely hyped for the final stretch of the show. The pieces fall into place in a way that is satisfying because it simultaneously mind-blowing and obvious, and that's one of the marks of strong storytelling. These are always the first things we find out about people, and then for the rest of the show they are defined almost exclusively by them. Now this is just the opinion of one guy.

There's a difference between having your character goof around and having the show itself goof around. It's basic emotional manipulation.

The plot is also one of the most engaging parts of the show, unveiling itself at just the right pace to keep you interested whilst still keeping a few major cards to play at the very end. Many times I found myself actively routing for them because they were just so much more interesting and well-executed.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Latino