Gridview templatefield not updating

Gridview templatefield not updating

Imagine that the Employees table had a Gender field that stored the character M or F to indicate the sex of the employee. Following that, we'll turn to the FormView, which uses templates instead of fields to provide greater flexibility in the layout and structure of the data. We'll look at this technique in this tutorial, too. Let's create a GridView that displays fields from the Northwind Products table, just like we did in the previous demo. Edit the GridView's declarative syntax by hand.

Because of these subtleties, I've opted to pass in the entire EmployeesRow instance. This formatting method will take in a Northwind. Choose the Edit DataBindings option from the Label's smart tag. To illustrate this concept, let's augment our tutorial to show a column that lists the total number of days an employee has been on the job.

Choose the Edit DataBindingsBecause of these

For just displaying data, however, either approach will work equally well. Regardless of how you want to alter the GridView's editing interface, the way it's accomplished is through using TemplateFields as opposed to BoundFields. Our next task is to customize the editing interface for the CategoryName column so that it uses a DropDownList of categories as opposed to a TextBox.

The output depends on the underlying data, such as displaying metadata or in reformatting the data. We must change this, so that this property is bound to the value of the LastName data field, instead. To replace the text with a Calendar control, edit the template by removing the Label and adding a Calendar control.

This formatting method will take in

For example, instead of displaying the employee's hire date as text, we could show a calendar using the Calendar control with the employee's hire date highlighted. Each employee's first and last names are displayed in one column.

Gridview update from template field not updating

The benefit is that we'll need to do less work with the TemplateField, as the conversion process will have performed some of the work for us. All of the necessary functionality is encapsulated within the GridView.