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Non-consummation of marriage will cause relationship problem and may lead to annulment. This accumulated semen has to be expelled from the body either through sexual activity or masturbation. The small penis decreases the confidence of men about their sexual capabilities. Thin penis is observed in approximately two percent of the men worldwide. Our sex clinic is very famous for low sex drive treatment in Bangalore.

We do series of tests

Nocturnal emission is usually accompanied by erotic dreams. This is the condition in which man gets normal orgasm and erection, but the semen is discharged to bladder. Based on that several tests can be done.

Weakness after sex or Masturbation Post Ejaculatory Asthenia It has been observed that many men feel weak, tensed, fatigued and tired after having sex or masturbation. Hormonal disorders are said to be most common reason for sexual weakness. This test evaluates a man's semen and sperm. The hyper sensitive glans may pose problem during sexual intercourse or while cleansing the penis under foreskin.

Both absent ejaculation and

Usually by hormonal treatment thin penis disorder can be cured. Our sexual clinic is one of the well known hospitals for low sperm count treatment in Bangalore.

Based on the outcome of tests we start the corresponding medications. These venereal diseases spread through semen, vaginal fluid, breast milk, saliva etc. It is the spontaneous orgasm during sleep with ejaculation in male and vaginal wetness in females. Having thinner penis may lead to low self esteem, sex phobia, unsure of sexual capability in men.

Delayed ejaculation was believed to be very rare condition, but now a days this is on increasing trend. Based on the answers and their habits we suggest right medication for them. We diagnose the problem thoroughly and give effective treatment accordingly.

Sluggish growth of penile tissue also causes thin penis. We do series of tests like penis blood supply, penile nerves, blood tests, hormonal test etc so that people can get married with confidence.

Female Sexual Problems Like men, women also experience wide range of sexual problems. Couples can discuss their issues very openly with us and find solution through us Recent Post. In spermatorrhoea usually semen is released to urine during urination or defecation.

When a patient visit our clinic we do a complete study and series of tests to diagnose the problem. This can cause relationship issues between couples, hence the people who are suffering from low sex drive need to consult the sex therapists immediately.

There are certain exercises which help to increase the penis length. Most of the cases of male infertility are related to low sperm counts.

Sluggish growth of penile tissue

Both absent ejaculation and retrograde ejaculations are treatable conditions. Certain drugs and medications also can cause absent ejaculation.

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