Intimidating football entrance chants

Intimidating football entrance chants

Run that ball past

Following which the Creatures move through the lineup. The most crucial element to any chant is of course the group of fans involved, unless they are passionate and vocal, no chant will have the desired effect. Repeat three times, and then you can give a warrior cry.

Come on defense don't you

So fluff up those pom pons, and be ready to support your home football team through the ups and downs of the season. When your squad is united with a great outlook and an ideal amount of energy, you can really give the crowd and your team a boost. Email Copy Link Copied Sports chants may seem like nothing more than a crowd of people getting a bit rowdy at times, but in truth, it is a valuable tradition which runs far deeper than that. We're the best, we can't be beat. Their support of the Yankees is unwavering and they are well-known for their song and chants, but none more so than the Roll Call which takes place at the beginning of every home game.

Once settled, Milano shouts out the name of the center field, which the rest of the Creatures then proceed to chant until they receive some kind of recognition. Come on defense, don't you slack. Suarez is known for his cheating, diving, biting and racism due to a number of incidents which have occurred over the last five years.

Once settled Milano shouts out

Soon after, one group of inventive Orient supporters spotted the opportunity for a rather inventive chant. It's on, it's on, like a bad dress at the prom. These chants range from the funny and silly to the frightening and intimidating, but all are great in their own right.

Suarez is known for his

Run that ball past the next yard line. Suarez left Liverpool for Barcelona in the summer, and is perhaps grateful that Spanish fans haven't yet come up with similarly derogatory chants for him. Dedicated, motivated, we will not be underrated.