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Asian dating is your best choice out there. Also you are right about good looks importance for tinder, women same like we do care only about the looks in their. And actually even really intelligent women on tinder has same bad habits like the rest, they like to sleep around with foreign guys and drink too much. And if you can use Korean then you will be like a King.

Actually I have never tried them. You dont want anyone creeping you on Facebook and finding out your true identity. It is owned and operated by a Korean here in Korea. You need to be careful of some scammers. But a free account get you limited ability to connect with girls.

And actually even really intelligent women

With free member, you can only talk with women who are paid members. And if you are experienced at chatting and have cool personality it will be a piece of cake to meet them.

They will most probably let you down if you expect for them to be a special and role model girl. If you are a guy, you will need to pay. What to say depends on what girl is doing, if you approach her on street, or library, or coffee shop or park or foreign bar.

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Especially in a foreign bars. To have no restrictions and improve your odds of getting the type of girl you are seeking, you need to pay.