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It was a huge hit for both of them and she made millions from the movie and the soundtrack album. She thinks no one would be able to sing to the tune she has written, but he makes up some lyrics and starts singing. After arriving by helicopter, John rides a motorbike around the stage, snags a cable and crashes off the front of the stage. Girls were easy for him due to his world-renowned personality. Later, John goes to the radio station with a case of whiskey to make peace with Bebe Jesus.

He had encounters with different female personalities. Because he saw so much of himself in the character, he got sober right after filming. Esther grabs John and helps him escape out a back door.

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There, they make love, have a bath together, and he listens to her playing his piano. Someone asks for Esther and wants to know whether he is her secretary. Esther's career takes off, eclipsing his.

But she discovers it's just a tape of the old songwriting session during which the phone had interrupted his singing. At home alone, John begins to write a new song. Bebe Jesus then threatens to never play John's songs. When Esther arrives soon after, she finds them in bed together.

While she is giving her acceptance speech, John arrives drunk and makes a scene. Quentin tries to interview Esther, but John tells Quentin to get out. He looked older because he was the character.

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John is taken away by ambulance and his entourage leave in the helicopter forgetting Esther. John returns to the studio thinking of restarting his career. She sings one of John's songs but begins it as a ballad and ends it as a rock song.

At home alone John begins to

Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson Relationship Details

Esther and John end up going back to their small home out west where they have been happiest. It would've been more interesting with Simon and Taylor. At his next concert, John gets Esther on stage to sing.

Brian calls on John and likes the new songs, but suggests John release some of his old hits along with the new songs. He is drunk, sings a couple of songs, and walks off stage. He was a drunk mess and old before his time. Barbra Streisand is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker. Yeah you're right, it's a good thing Elvis never did that movie with her.

The tuxedo thing is hilarious. His band tells him they have gone on without him. She wants a tour co-starring with him, but he thinks she should do the tour on her own.

Cherry was also in a relationship with John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. Elvis was actually proud of his performance. If he didn't own the rights to the songs, he can't sing them in public. They go to Esther's, but she invites him to come back for breakfast.

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Although the audience boos when she starts to sing, she wins them over. John replies that he's no good for her, but she persists, and they marry.