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Users can change the color of individual entries by pressing the Styles button. None, With Overwrite and Without Overwrite, that tracks table and timestamp changes made to all rows in a version-enabled table. This new feature allows the user to define a table-based insert style that is used to add new features to an editable table. The Stream Digitizing Auto Node function was added to automatically add nodes along a route being traced based on the tolerance settings specified in the Map Window Preferences.

To open the Refresh Legend dialog box, the user can right-click on the legend window or select it from the Legend menu. The size limit increases the number of nodes permitted for regions, polylines and multipoints to million nodes per geographic object. Please try again or email editors directionsmag. Developers Knowledge Community Developer Hub.

Telecommunications Orange Romania broadens data access for greater operational visibility. The result table shows the state capital, nearest interstate and the distance in miles. The software includes enhancements to streamline Thematic Mapping capabilities.

Engage, inform and inspire the geospatial community. All new bit version of EasyLoader is included with the release. The Workspace Resolver tool is a new tool that helps the user open workspaces when the tables referenced in the workspace have been deleted or changed locations.

The basic data is overlaid with graphic styles e. GeoEnrich your maps and analytics.

Product Review MapInfo Professional Version 8.0

The Layer Control Dialog Box has been made larger to display more layers and longer layer names. In order to complete the subscription process, simply check your inbox and click on the link in the email we have just sent you. The MapCode development environment was replaced with a new language called MapBasic. MapInfo Pro allows users to explore spatial data within a dataset, symbolize features, and create maps. MapInfo increased the per object node count limits of features within the latest release.

Resolve Conflict Dialog Box. This is achieved using a new multi resolution raster file format. Hover over an item to see the short description and click to view details.

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook. Geographic information system. Users can hover the cursor over a layer name to view a tool tip which contains the full layer name and the file path of the layer. We'll email you to verify your address.

Product Review MapInfo Professional Version

Another enhancement added to the Thematic Mapping capabilities is the Swatch Size radio buttons. Optimize your MapInfo Pro experience with access to upgrades, award-winning tech support and other valuable extras. Merge Table allows the user to update changes in the current workspace to the parent workspace.

If it is not there, please check your junk mail folder. The Resolve Conflicts dialog box provides a setting to resolve inconsistencies between the tables when the user attempts to merge or refresh conflicting data. The default symbol can be overridden by pressing the Mark with Symbol button on the Find dialog. By selecting the Custom radio button in the Legend Label Order and pushing the Order button, users can then move entries up or down within the list. The number of polygons allowed in a multipolygon region and the number of polylines in a multiple segment polyline have also been increased.

Stacey Stark, Touching the Future. This software could be customized by using the MapCode development environment which was a C -like programming language. The tool can perform a search and replace for the missing table or it can open the workspace without the missing table.

Users can create a bi-variant map by creating two thematic maps of the same layer, but the second layer should be created using a transparent style with lines or dots for the Range type. Each table is either a map file graph or a database file text and is denoted the file extension. The Knowledge Communities. Click for larger image The Legend Window has been enhanced to align frames in a thematic legend and to align titles within frames in a thematic legend. Every spatial problem is addressable with MapInfo Pro.

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Geospatial Newsletters Keep up to date with the latest geospatial trends! Redistricting, the shape of things to come. The result table can be save to a MapInfo. Normally, this thematic layer would cover the first thematic layer.

Pitney Bowes Software Inc. Insurance GeoAssurance charts potential hazards for California home buyers. Usability and Productivity Enhancements The latest version of the software includes new functions to improve data creation and editing of map features.

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Customize Legend Sort Order Legend. The Delete Duplicate Column Values in a table is a new tool that deletes duplicate records from a table while retaining the map objects. It also includes a new function that allows users to create bi-variant thematic layers with transparent patterns. This enables the spacing between the lines or dots to be transparent, allowing the thematic layer under it to be drawn on the map. This allows users to work independently of the source tables.

MapInfo Pro allows users to visualize, analyze, edit, interpret, understand and output data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. MapInfo Professional provides two options in the Oracle Workspace Tools to synchronize changes between the parent workspace and the current workspace. MapInfo Pro is one of many ways we help our clients understand the relationships between people, swf to avi converter software places and things. This function is useful if you want to display two different thematic variables on your map at the same time. Get Directions Magazine delivered to you.

Insert styles for point, line and polygon objects can now be defined and saved on a per table basis. The Swatch Size allows the user to change the size of the squares that display the color of the legend entries within the thematic legend.

MapInfo Pro and support for Windows 10

The Sync Window tool has changed some of the toolbar buttons and creates a way to control adding and removing embedded legends. Refresh Table allows the user to update the current workspace with changes made to the parent workspace. The Distance Calculator tool includes new options to calculate distances from an origin to the nearest point, line or polygon border.

MapInfo Pro and support for Windows 10

The Find and Find Selection capabilities have been expanded to search the current map window or all open windows for the Find feature. Workspace Resolver Tool message.

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