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We've learnt to manage together. When the medication wear off she can be likened to a new born foal, in a dingy during a cyclone. Typing became hard and using a knife and fork was tricky.

Nerissa has difficulty with every-day tasks such as dressing, red jacket firearms stephanie dating after divorce using a knife and fork and typing. When fully medicated Nerissa is a force to be reckoned with on the dancefloor and is known to strut around in the highest of heels. Nerissa was both speaker and lead of the organising committee for the International Day of People with Disability event hosted by Telstra each year.

Surely it couldn't be a serious problem. It took me an extra hour to get ready for work as I was slower showering and drying my hair, and I took forever to get dressed and do up buttons. My parents were worried and asked me to move back home to Queensland but I wasn't ready. At the end of last year I had deep brain stimulation surgery as my medication wasn't working so well anymore. Share this article with them!

We have a park and a beach nearby, and he's always happy. He was such a good baby who rarely cried. Mum and Dad were worried and I had moments when I felt nervous, but I wanted to be a mum and I really believed that everything would work out. On the worst days, friends came over with ice-cream.

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My grandmother's destiny wouldn't necessarily be mine. It sends a current to stimulate affected areas of my brain.

He snuggled into me immediately and was perfect. But gradually I learnt more about the disease and realised everyone is affected by it differently. Fine wires were inserted into my brain, down my neck and into a battery that's in my chest. An initiative of the Telstra Disability Taskforce is a guide to assist managers in recruiting, retaining and developing the careers of people with disability.

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It is caused by the loss of cells in a section of the brain called the substantia nigra. Then I thought of my grandmother, who had Parkinson's and who was bedridden and couldn't walk or feed herself. Lachie's dad sees him regularly, too. Without it, messages to your muscles are disrupted. Know someone who would find this interesting?

An osteopath strapped up my wrist and I thought, in time, that it would heal itself. Pregnancy wasn't easy and my relationship ended about four months in, so I lived with my parents. The loss of dopamine causes critical nerve cells in the brain to fire out of control, leaving patients unable to control or direct their movement in a normal manner. Getting out of bed in the morning is a slow process involving two forms of medication, a strong cup of coffee and a good shove from her boyfriend. They were so supportive, particularly towards the end, when it became difficult to move and I could no longer drive.