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Sudan has a native Coptic minority, although many Copts in Sudan are descended from more recent Egyptian immigrants. Proficiency in business and administration made them a privileged minority. He abolished the Jizya a tax on non-Muslims and allowed Egyptians Copts to enroll in the army.

Although experiencing discrimination, the Copts and other long-established Christian groups in the north had fewer restrictions than other types of Christians in the south.

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As the civil war raged throughout the s, the government focused its religious fervour on the south. The term Coptic remains exclusive however to the Egyptian natives, as opposed to the Christians of non-Egyptian origins.

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Thousands attended his funeral, and the execution was taken as a warning by many Copts, who began to flee the country. It gives the Copts a claim to a deep heritage in Egyptian history and culture.

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He appointed them judges to Egyptian courts and awarded them political rights and representation in government. However, when the National Islamic Front overthrew the elected government of Sadiq al-Mahdi with the help of the military, italia croazia diretta yahoo dating discrimination against Copts returned in earnest.

Some scholars see Pharaonism as shaped by Orientalism. They flourished in business affairs. However, the return of militant Islam in the mids and subsequent demands by radicals for an Islamic constitution prompted Copts to join in public opposition to religious rule.

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