Parker 51 aerometric dating service

Parker 51 aerometric dating service

They dent easily and can get corroded and pitted. All original Parker production from the estate of an ex-Parker employee, documented by the copy of original work order from Parker. Most caps found have all the finish worn off. Pristine, perfect caps with early lined sterling silver caps with the wider spaced line pattern. Caps are in near mint, perfect condition.

Cap and barrel aluminum jewelsCap is in

Cap is in good shape and pen shows no damage. From the nib was date coded.

Another explanation may be that they were never dated or that the datecode wore off on most instances the datecode is lightly imprinted to begin with. Caps have the more unusual honey colored jewels. All correct with all aluminum jewels, speedline filler and razor sharp blindcap imprint. Of all the colors, Cordovan Brown is by far the rarest and only a handful have been found.

Cap and barrel aluminum jewels. Base is in great shape with two tiny flea bites nicks.

This one is engraved but remains in good overall shape with no dents or dings. No imprints, as usually found on all of these. Correct first year box in good condition.

Base is in great

Most likely a unique piece. All original Parker production from the estate of an ex-Parker employee. Very nice clean cap with strong band and strong high imprint. Non-functional set used by dealers for window displays.