Rachel smith dating

Rachel smith dating

During the evening gown competition, Smith slipped and fell down before quickly getting back onto her feet. This continued as Smith answered her final question, finishing by thanking the crowd in Spanish, which finally made the crowd cheer.

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Smith won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions with consistently high scores. Apart from acting, she also has a good voice and often sings, as well as is an accomplished dancer and has made her way up, quick. Smith is a very talented actress who is good at her work. Hence, we have found a couple of false news as well regarding her dating life, and some sources even say that she has already been married, which is not true.

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This was her second attempt at the title, having placed third runner-up to Jessica Myers the previous year. She lived in Clarksville after her parents were stationed at Fort Campbell. But it is not just her innate talents that have been a factor in her rise. Smith was again booed by the Mexican crowd after she was announced as part of the top five while the local representative from Mexico was not.

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