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Bajirao's son and successor, Nanasaheb constructed a lake at Katraj on the outskirts of the city and an underground aqueduct to bring water from the lake to Shaniwar Wada and the city. The Pataleshwar rock-cut temple complex was built during this era. The city's total area is square kilometres square miles. He stabilised the revenue collection and administrative systems of the areas around Pune and the neighbouring Maval region.

Taking help from such consultants have various pros and cons. His mother, Jijabai is said to have commissioned the building of the Kasba Ganapati temple.

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The breach in the Panshet dam and the resulting flood of led to severe damage and destruction of housing close to the river banks. The city often has heavy dusty winds in May, with humidity remaining high. First of all, it is advisable to search only those consultants who provide legitimate assistance.

It was placed under the administration of the Bombay Presidency and the British built a large military cantonment to the east of the city now used by the Indian Army. Hailstorms are not unheard of.

The warmest month in Pune is May. The Ganesha idol consecrated at this temple has been regarded as the presiding deity Gramadevata of the city. The Peshwa's influence in India declined after the defeat of Maratha forces at the Battle of Panipat but Pune remained the seat of power. As a result, the city saw a huge influx of people to the city due to opportunities offered by the manufacturing, and lately, the software industries. It is on the leeward side of the Sahyadri mountain range, which forms a barrier from the Arabian Sea.

The plates indicate that this region was ruled by the Rashtrakuta dynasty. He expanded the Maratha Empire in north India c. Even during the hottest months, the nights are usually cool due to Pune's high altitude. The old city of Pune is at the confluence of the Mula and Mutha rivers.