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Trigger Snappy Tech Trap Team. Short Cut Undead Trap Team. Blizzard Chill Water Swap Force.

Complete List of Skylanders Characters

Hot Head Fire Giants - Giant. Flip Wreck Water Trap Team. Smash Hit Earth SuperChargers.

Imaginators are exceptionally powerful against Doomlanders, and every Sensei helps them to grow even stronger. The two elements, Light and Dark, were introduced into the game. Thumpling Water Trap Team.

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Flameslinger Gold Fire Giants - Gold. The Imaginators are created by the imagination of Portal Masters, using elementally aligned Creation Crystals. Universal Interactive Spyro characters. Spyro Magic Eon's Elite - Elite.

List of All Skylanders Characters Figures

As the years passed, lnk virus remover these enormous Skylanders were soon considered as a myth. Some Skylanders introduced or mentioned in Skylanders Academy are currently not playable in the games. Giants is the second installment in the Skylanders series set as a direct sequel to Spyro's Adventure. Rattle Shake Undead Swap Force.

Whisper Elf Life Trap Team. Eye-Small Undead Trap Team. Six figurines were released alongside Skylanders Superchargers, and are playable in Superchargers and subsequent games. You can help Skylanders Wiki by editing this section.

Roller Brawl Undead Swap Force. Splat Magic SuperChargers. Bash Legendary Earth Spyro - Legendary. Stink Bomb Life Swap Force.

Lightcore Drobot Tech Giants - Lightcore. Fright Rider Undead Giants. This sinister force summoned a swarm of Fire Vipers to attack the Elementals, but the team of Skylanders were able to defeat them in an epic battle.

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Bumble Blast Life Swap Force. Giant figures also light up, but do not have the light bomb attack. Flameslinger Fire Spyro - Gold.

Spyro Legendary Magic Spyro - Legendary. Spyro Dark Magic Spyro - Dark. Thumpling Water Giants - Giant - Sidekicks. Food Fight Life Trap Team.

Fire Kraken Fire Swap Force. Because of these changes, they no longer carry over the series numbering.

The series number appears in-game and is printed on the corresponding collector's card. Figurines are forward-compatible with subsequent games. Cobra Cadabra Magic Trap Team.

Rubble Rouser Earth Swap Force. Terrabite Earth Trap Team. Blastermind Magic Trap Team.

Magna Charge Tech Swap Force. Grilla Drilla Life Swap Force. Dive Clops Water SuperChargers. Spyro's Adventure is the first installment in the Skylanders series. SuperChargers is the fifth installment in the series.

Complete List of Skylanders Characters

List of All Skylanders Characters Figures

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