Tezamen dating simulator

Tezamen dating simulator

This works of course only as long as the grid currents are in the fractions of mA. Hi, I'm Luigino Giuliani, First of all, I wanted to thank you for the repair of the u-tracer that now works perfectly, now I wanted to ask you some advice. It is not perfect but for free I am not going to complain. You can see examples on my photos.

The uTracer was certainly a tool that stayed on my workbench as I used it regularly. However, when using the Vgrid sat to calibrate the low values I had to go all the way to the lower end of the slider left to get close to the desired values but I can not get to them. Especially the height was a challenge.

Windows is annoying about this. This thing will be awesome for matching. Hier noch einige Bilder zu den Adaptern.

Right now everything works perfectly. The board's pad are very small. It went together very easily, and frankly was a lot of fun to build.

Construction had to wait until I completed my civil engineering diploma. If I run into exotic tubes, I'll use a test board which I can wire the way I need. Ronald, I want to start by thanking you for creating the uTracer. The construction manual is very well documented.

My computer is fairly new but it has a serial port on the motherboard. He even started a new thread on it on Audiokarma Dear Ronald and Marie-Jose, I completed my uTracer build a couple of weeks after receiving the kit, delivered promptly from the Netherlands.

Construction had to wait

Innen befindet sich die Platine. Bluetooth may appear not to work in Windows.

The boards has last minute hacks with components mounted on top of each other and on the reversed side. During the optimally guided assembly, I picked the required components from the beautifully labelled zip-lock bags, leaving the unused ones in the bags. Then my wonderful family with three sons became the focus. Typically, the first lower port number is the number you need to use in the uTracer software.

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It has worked so far and I have not seen any oscillation or so. The serial connection works perfectly and there are no drivers to install. Although the board is complete, tested, and working, putting it into the case is taking time due to an illness in the house. The only issue I am having is with the calibration of the grid bias circuit. It is working very well, as expected.

Then I had to build an enclosure. Very best regards from Barcelona. Ferrite bead work will be completed when they arrive.

Their soft glow has always fascinated me. This experience it is very interesting and your project is truly exceptional and incredible and I still have to learn all its features. Hi Ronald, I finally sorted out the issues I was having with the negative supply and now have the uTracer up and running. The bulk of the work is to make this circuit convenient to use.