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There is a sense of authenticity in their Hyderabadi Urdu and people who love that language will love those scenes. He is able to convince Kaur's father to agree to the wedding, much to the delight of the couple. Some scenes are so awkward that it would have been better to delete those scenes entirely, and it wouldn't have taken anything away from the main story. Jasmine Singh of The Tribune praised most aspects of the production. Jatinder Shah composed the film's soundtrack, which features vocals from Gill, Virk and Sunidhi Chauhan.

When asked about his time in Pakistan, he begins to tell them of his experiences in the pre-partitioned India. International Business Times. Trivia The dargah at which Haakam Singh meets Maadho to gift her the radio, was created from scratch by the team of Angrej. The production was expected to do well in Punjab when compared to other releases including the mystery thriller Drishyam. Some parts involving Yadav Anna and his gang, and their subsequent meetings with other characters.

One is a simple girl, Pakko, who's not fair skinned and look dusky, and Sami, who is prettier than Pakko. Theatrical release poster. Angrej is simple man belong to some village of undivided Punjab he fall in love with maarho who is bit clever and greedy and she preferred hakaam who is more rich and talkative. He threatens to shoot an undeterred Angrej as Kaur watches helplessly.

She wrote that the film establishes a rapport with the audience and there is not a single drab moment. Edit Storyline Angrej is simple man belong to some village of undivided Punjab he fall in love with maarho who is bit clever and greedy and she preferred hakaam who is more rich and talkative.

Learn more More Like This. Angrej, an elderly man from India, arrives at his pre-partition home in Pakistan, where he meets the current residents. Angrej's mother disapproves of the relationship, but his sister-in-law agrees to arrange for the marriage. When angrej tries to impress her with help of Dhan Kaur things shape up in different way he did not expect.

In the present day, Angrej scatters Kaur's ashes in the open fields around their old house as per her last wishes. While Pranai and Rochak are engaged in love affairs in their office, the Ismail bhai gang keeps planning a strategy to seek their revenge. Haakam, a rich landlord from Lahore and a distant relative of Maado's grandmother begins to frequently visit their house and falls in love with Maado. However, she tells him that her family disapproves of his financial condition.

Maado and her family are also present at the wedding. The performances of the majority cast was also well received. The acting is so bad that it can't even be called acting. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Angrej bids farewell to Kaur, who is smitten by him by this point.

The Angrez - IMDb

Angrej HD Full Punjabi Movie Part 1/3

When they get to Canada, their mission isn't as simple as what they first thought. The duo had previously worked together on the reality show Comedy Circus. Based in the old city, Ismail bhai and the gang meet up near Charminar and start their daily routine with gossips, babble and talks of bravery.

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Impressed by his new appearance, Maado proposes him for marriage. He paid particular attention to landscaping, with the production team constructing their own sets on the various shooting locations.

To give it an authentic look, grooves for diyas were blackened like they are in a real dargah. The two also develop a friendship over the course of the next few days.

She reciprocates his feelings and the two begin a secret relationship. The story of Bambukat is how Pakko's husband tries to impress his in-laws. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Shinda and his two other friends come up with a plan to solve all of their problems. Amrinder Gill and Amberdeep Singh began working on Angrej immediately after the completion of their previous production, the comedy film Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo. Rochak and Pranai are guided to safety by their guide as they are chased by the Ismail bhai gang. Angrej meets Maado at the carnival and falls for her. Lot of Love from Pakistani guys who are looking forward to see more such great movies like this.

Angrej - IMDb

The characters in the movie are mostly one dimensional. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

Our Sikh brothers have presented a very true culture of Punjab and it has not only revealed but also revived our Punjabi culture. The wedding concludes on the day of the vidai and the guests begin to return home.

The Angrez The Movie p Download

Later, when Angrej goes to inform Maado of the impending marriage proposal, he is caught by Maado's father. Two Punjab Police officers head to Canada to solve on a mission. They actually have a story going, but I have never watched the whole movie till date without losing my patience and fast-forwarding through those bad parts every time. Being from the city itself, d3dx9 35 dll file the language is music to my ears.

Angrej HD Full Punjabi Movie Part 1/3

She gives in to the advances made by Haakam, who brings her various gifts. Hakkam continues to flirt with women and is caught by Maado the following day. The sets, the props, the dresses and dialect, everything reminds you of the old times, which probably you have heard or seen.

Angrej realises that he does not love Maado any more but instead wants to be with Kaur, who loves him. Kaur helps Angrej in getting back with Maado, but is herself attracted to him. It is a low-budget movie, and it is quite poorly made.

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Top Punjabi Movies Updated List. Angrej Theatrical release poster. Even the pigeons were hired to give it a real fee.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Angrej consoles her and the two rekindle their romance.