How Transmission Coolers Work

Transmission cooler hook up

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The factory radiator cools both the motor anti-freeze and the transmission fluid in separate self-contained cooling pods. Transmission cooler kits usually come with all the necessary tools, hardware and directions to install it yourself. Sometime this is not always possible, and in those rare cases the cooler can be mounted in the engine compartment or under the vehicle as space permits. Mounting the new cooler after the factory radiator allows it to better cool the transmission. Heat would counteract the cooler's effort, and a moving part like a fan could sever the line.

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Where I come from, if a extra cooler is used at all, the trans. Stacked plate type coolers are more durable and efficient, but they also are more expensive. Transmission coolers are typically square-shaped and thin, so they can easily attach in between other components. And if you have trouble choosing the proper re-manufactured transmission for your vehicle, you can quickly reach the manufacturer by either phone or email.

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It only gets worse as the temperature rises. It affects them all the same. Aftermarket coolers are available in hundreds of different sizes and shapes. In other words, by being proactive, you can prevent a breakdown or failure of your transmission in the same way we prevent illness by taking care of our own bodies. Once in a varnish state, the fluid completely loses the ability to lubricate your internal transmission parts properly and a major failure is almost surely assured.

Installing an aftermarketPick one that will fit your

It's also a good idea to make sure you keep the hoses away from any hot or moving parts. Avoid the ones that use a slip-on rubber hose as they are prone to leaking and eventually failing.

Pick one that will fit your vehicle accordingly. You may also choose, as an option, a cooler that has its own built in electric fan.

Most light duty passenger cars and light trucks don't come with a factory installed axillary transmission cooler. Recent Transmission - Rearend posts with photos vBulletin Message.

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This is highly recommended as it helps keep the cooler working at low vehicle speeds when the forward movement of the vehicle provides minimum airflow to the cooler. Installing an aftermarket cooler is a form of preventative medicine.

How To Add An Automatic Transmission Cooler To Your Vehicle

Ideally you want to mount your cooler behind the front grill of your vehicle where airflow is greatest when the vehicle is in motion. If the motor is running over degrees it will actual heat up the transmission fluid to the same temperature. At degrees the lifespan is cut in half. Heat is by far the number one killer of transmissions.

Mounting the cooler in front of the radiator and the air conditioning condenser is typically considered the best place. Let take a look at what it takes to install one. If this be the case, an aux cooling system probably isn't needed on that vehicle to begin with. Here, they'll receive a sufficient amount of airflow, yet stay somewhat clear of road debris like rocks. Ideally you want to keep your transmission temperature under a maximum of degrees.