Val and rumer willis dating

Val and rumer willis dating

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Speaking of music, it was cool that you guys got to dance to your own cover song for the freestyle. But most definitely you're driven by the thought of potentially winning this thing.

Throughout the season, it felt just like any other season. Before that, I'm going on Dancing with the Stars tour this summer. That Gold Mirrorball is very shiny, let me tell you. It's on iTunes right now, the full version.

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It did add pressure, but it added a beautiful pressure of trying to exceed those expectations, and motivation. Because I really was shocked to find that I could do something that I never thought I was capable of. Obviously you want a broader spectrum of incentives to doing the show.

And the amount of people that just reached out over social media in different ways, saying how everything that I was talking about had inspired them, and just feeling an incredible amount of support. That was one of the motivators for me to win the show.

All of our dances that we did I feel like really had parts of our personalities in each of them, so it's hard to choose one. The thing that was most surprising was just, after I did the first dance and I watched it, I never knew that I could do that or create something like that. Yeah, Rumer's going to come on for a couple of shows. And to be able to go from not having any dance experience to being looked at like that is an amazing feeling.

Val, you and Rumer were pretty much the frontrunners all season. The win was more of a celebration of all the hard work that Rumer put into this season and the amount of support that we got throughout the season. This whole journey for me was really about me finding my confidence and finding a belief in myself that I didn't have. Val and Rumer take us behind the scenes of Dancing You talked pretty candidly about being bullied in the past. Just don't tell Rumer I said this, but I'm very excited to be back next season and hopefully do it again.

My family is fantastic and they're always supportive of me, no matter what I do, which is fantastic. When you're doing something that's this mentally and physically demanding on you, you really have to have a support system and a foundation to be able to make it through three months of this. That was one of the biggest things. Every routine has a story. The judges had some high praise for you about seeming like a professional dancer, and becoming a star in your own right by the end of the season.

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You never know - maybe Val and I will make some more music together as well. Your parents spoke about how surprised they were to see how naturally dancing came to you and how confident you looked. One of the best things about Val is that he has such a passion for just dancing in general. We did a great job and it translated into people picking up their phones and voting for us. It's incredible, honestly, especially to have them say things like they look at me like I'm a dancer.

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Rumer, as Val mentioned, your family was in the ballroom week in and week out, cheering you on. But I think the most amazing thing was the response I got from the fans - people that were already fans of Val's that just really embraced me.