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How to delete apps from Calculator Vault? Naturally, it protects your photos and videos. These photos and videos can also be backed up to Cloud Space for better protection. The interface is easy to customize, very user-friendly indeed. It supports a whole variety of document formats, e.

What if I forgot my password? Clean Master - Free Antivirus. One more all-round app for you.

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It works with both audio and video. This app communicates with computers better than any other.

Calculator Vault App Hider - Hide Apps

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In the hidden display interface click add app button, you can see the phone within the application, select the app to add to the Calculator Vault-App Hider, click the import apps button. Private Photo Vault will surely keep your photos safe. How to add app to Calculator Vault? What you need to know is that it certainly keeps safe your photos and videos. Another app that pretends to be a calculator.

App vault 2.14.4 APK

Crap Does not work what so ever for me. You actually get a variety of viewing modes here, too. You can hide your software codes here as well. Once you pay for subscription you also get features like decoy password and break-in reports. With this option on, the launch button gets hidden.

You create albums within KeepSafe as well. Additional passwords for specific things are available as well. An important feature for people with bad memory would be resetting forgotten password, just press on Keepsafe logo long enough to get the reset window to appear. Besides faking a calculator, HiCalculator naturally locks every photo and video you want secure. Worried about forgetting your password?

Calculator Vault App Hider - Hide Apps

Calculator Vault can help you to hide any app. But with this app, you have to get advanced features if you want it to take pics of intruders. So, what it does have is encryption of all the data inside.

The app also has supports plugins. And one of them can be a fake vault.

Hidden app can be used in the Calculator Vault, classical ghazals to also use the main interface in the phone. And this android app is updated into the new version.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. It crashes like any other Android app would crash, nothing suspicious. That is achieved through a password and a decoy password. FotoX also offers a cloud but you have to pay for that feature. There is also Private Bookmark feature.

If you are willing to use a less cutting-edge interface, you should let Safe Gallery lock your files. Also, this app keeps a complete log of access dates and times.

Calculator Vault Free Download

App vault 2.14.4 APK

Photos and videos imported into phone can only be viewed or played after the correct password is entered. In fact, you can protect each folder with a separate password. Everything that is made through and into the app is password protected. With Cloud Backup feature, you could easily transfer your data to a new phone by cross-device synchronization. The photos can be added in various ways, and you fully control the photos inside the app.

If you do not have a security Email but you had backed up your data to cloud space, then the data can be recovered from the cloud by reinstalling Vault app. How to hide photos or videos to hidder? With this utility you can modify the resource values of your vault as you wish.

As it crashes it takes a pic of the intruder like a good app it is. Really good tool Really love it thxs for it cant wait for the new update yess all invintory items omg your the best for this app plz try doing it for like terraria or growtopia or other games.

The first time to start or in a protected state, do not need pin can enter the Calculator Vault. Set a security email in Vault so you can retrieve it. There are features that trick anybody unwelcome. After importing it asks you to delete the original ones from the photos. Hiding photos is easy here.

Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos

Vault makes sure your files are only used with your authorization. This app is another excellent vault that amounts to a file manager.