We've been dating for a year

We've been dating for a year

He may be a great guy

You play a part in this as well. Such as holding hands in public. He is continuing to enjoy his single life, yet, at the same time he makes you feel as if he is going to settle down with you. With the things we do, friends don't do that.

It's a big deal considering that his dad is in the Navy. He even bought my son gifts and his family did the same for him and me. We don't cuss at each other or call each other names whatsoever. You want to be married, and be a family.

You women will stop giving your all to a man who is only giving you part of himself. He says that I am putting too much into having a title. After I began to be around his family I fell in love with them and they took my son in as their own. You will never have a serious relationship. You are the one who is being faithful, committing percent of yourself, and dedicating yourself to him.

You are his go-to safe haven. Until he meets someone else, you are someone to do. So, I do not know what to do anymore or how to make him happy with what we have. Now, it has been a year of the same thing, up and down between us. He is telling you what you want to hear, but what he is showing you is something else.

He spends time here and there with you and your son, and he enjoys the perks of your commitment to him, but he is not interested in being serious. He is showing you tolerance.

He wants to have

But, one thing I have learned is when a man says he needs space you have to give it to them. And my friends ask me about that and think it's weird, but I don't know what to say about that, we just don't although I wouldn't mind it. Yeah, I hear you over there saying you love him, and love his family, but he is not showing you love. And we do leave each other alone when we need it.

You keep giving percent of yourselves in these so-called relationships, hoping these knuckle-head men will wake up and give percent in return. He is not serious about you. What you are confusing as love is really his way of appeasing you, and pacifying you. Now these are the pros and cons of the relationship. So, now we are on a break because he said he needs time to think about what he wants and if this is something he is ready for in the sense of my son and family life and the responsibility.

We spend almost every day together, including with my son, as well as with our family. You have to decide if he is someone you want to commit to him. You were not my woman, and I was not your man.

And he likes me, so that a plus. He is not doing so in return. So, these appearances are not really relationship commitments, but when he is ready to play house and play in your bed. And maybe that's why he hasn't made it official. They are being polite, and smiling in your face.

He spends more time with his male best friend and this girl that is like a sister to him and her boyfriend. So, I stop asking for it and just went along with the flow. We have been through a lot together, I love him and can see myself with him. You go above and beyond for them, bending over backward, holding him down, playing house and acting like a family, but, all the while he is still in the streets, hanging out, and doing him. But, the problem is that he never made me his girlfriend at all.

He wants to have fun, hang out, and do him. Apparently, his last relationship ruined that for me. He may be a great guy, but great guys will at least give you a title, and not play these games with you. We were just going on dates and doing normal stuff when you first begin dating someone. He says he does too but, I'm not even his girlfriend.

Apparently his last relationship