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YouTube has gone to the sjw's. Online video is such an important part of the internet that there are countless video sites worth visiting.

They even let you embed videos onto your website. Once we realize that nobody is going to be impressed or be entertained with our message, then the notion of using video takes a different path. Especially now that they seem to have decided bigger video frames are better.

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Other links are new to me. YouTube is tied to google. Of all the sites listed here it really is the most like Youtube.

First response that spoke exactly how I feel! Very much appreciation for the tip.

Much better, it's more theatric and darkens the background automatically, very nice! It seems that YouTube has installed a middle man and that does not benefit me, the end user. Some people would have died from there thoughts in there mind. The main focus of Twitch is live video game streaming, esports, and gaming-related talk shows. Great suggestions, everyone.

It just happens to be the most powerful way to deliver your message, but still, the message is no different. Jerry actually states this in a few of the episodes. We provide actor, scripting consultation, and installation. Thank you very much for this information. Needs more users to grow and become a full competitor to YouTube.

Name said you can check out websites like Dailymotion, or my personal fav Vidweb. Out of all the website, restaurant tycoon 2 my personal favourite is Vimeo.

Okay I only recognize these when I'm going to watch Movies and shows for free. It is one of many video sites like YouTube. We are having some typo issues between two of us who are correcting the article. They are both forms of transportation. Thank you very much for this article.

Also it is people's jobs and if YouTube were to shut down how would they pay there bills and tax. Yes dailymotion should be consider to take place here. The site has an easy-to-browse search feature that organizes videos by category and channel. Hey Joke the Bummer, Who cares what you think, snowflake?

For some people eyes, bigger videos aren't better. Can't be pro Trump but Here watch these videos of people teasing hungry babies with a bottle just to make them cry. Dailymotion is left-wing propaganda and uninformed Democrat opinion.

With that in mind, most of the videos found on The Open Video Project are educational in nature. Just stumbled across this article today I know, I was born late, and will probably be late to my own funeral, what can I say But I'm glad I did. It sounds boring, but it is super fun.

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YouTube has recently worn out its welcome for me, just like Yahoo did years ago. Now the majority are blocked limiting viewing to old or previously watched videos. Guys I recommend remactivistworld gmail. So if I'm on a call with someone and they want me to check out a video I have to hang up to watch it. Not just appealing but going to complain to legal and political authorities.

Well said it's more of this and less of the other. They go to them with a set goal of what to watch.

If I knew of a fair and independent site, I'd never use YouTube again. Good luck but still my favorite is Youtube all others are Junk, you land on some website to watch a video but end up with quite a lot distractions.

Stickam is now officially closed. Could I use you tube and three other sites comfortably. Youtube may not be perfect, but these other websites are a waste if time and effort for viewers and creators. That's exactly the arrogance that drives me right out of Youtube, you can have it, we'll all probably find what suits us all best individually. Youtube censors people, they delete videos without explanation, they go against their own guidelines, condoning the allowance of stalkers, abusers, and the vermin of evil to run rampant.

If u need good vids use bestplay. Vimeo is the best the business and personal use as well. Including Vimeo, which we recommend you start using today. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives around for those seeking something different.

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This means that YouTube is a facilitator of modern slavery in the form of sex trafficking. They never can be like youtube.

Show me one of them that play news or sports or any other vidoes from other part of the world. Now all they produce is far-left, sexist, politically correct, misandrist garbage.

10 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube