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Stay calm, focused and patient enough to wait for them to arrive. So if you are ever in a minor accident, follow these steps. Exchange car insurance information.

If you or your passengers are hurt, call to get medical attention. If you were at fault, tell the truth, but stick to the facts and don't offer your opinion, at least until you've had a chance to process everything. So the most rear car rear ended me and because of this I hit the car in front of me.

Pennington and the driver left on a civil and pleasant note, and he was sure everything would work out fine. Pennington exchanged insurance information with the other driver. It identifies the damages, physical condition and relevant personal information of the parties involved, and witnesses, if any. The officer said he was too busy to help, so it's understandable that Pennington didn't call and request another officer to come in - but he wishes he had.

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If you have any pain or dizziness, see your doctor. You may take several pictures of the scene showing the condition of the vehicles and persons involved.

Well the guy behind me says that I hit the first car first, then the guy hit me. However, no cops were called because the rear guy had to get to work and couldn t stay long. Sketch a diagram of which direction and what speed you and the other driver were traveling right before the collision. Still, Parten may take solace that in Pennington's case, the other driver eventually paid for the repairs. Examine your body in a full-length mirror and watch out for any soft-tissue damage that can take a day or two to show up.

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What To Do After A Fender Bender Accident

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But if you call or your local precinct and bring in a neutral third party to document the accident, you'll be doing yourself a favor. But if you do say anything you later feel was stupid, don't worry about it. We were all moving in heavy traffic. Then the police arrived and prepared an accident report.